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Responsive WebSites built on a monthly Budget.

How it started

I got too familiar with the word "expensive" and the sentence "I simply cannot afford a website right now", I saw the potential in their business, and the pandemic was preventing them from branching out into the world with their business. I wanted to create not only a way for them to flourish in the business they own but to do so on a monthly budget that anyone can afford. 

Why we do this

Our Designs wanted to create a way for business owners who are on a monthly budget to be able to afford a responsive website, branded videos, or even an online shopping cart. We want to give businesses a chance to have a website out there, on the internet, and a chance to show people what they are capable of.

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Our Designer

Oldman Tony

Creating websites, videos, and online shops for you on a fixed affordable monthly budget.
Who says old guys can't can't build websites?
Our Designs works on a different costing system than We WebWork.

Our Designs

Websites, Video Branding, Online Shops


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